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Introducing the Wireless Video Doorbell

Have you wanted a video doorbell for your home but haven’t been able to install one since you don’t have a current hardwired doorbell and analog chime?

Or do you have a current wired doorbell but want to install a video doorbell in a different location?

Perhaps you want to add a video doorbell to a side or back door?

For any of these scenarios and so many more, the new Wireless Video Doorbell and Wireless Chime are perfect for you!

Battery Powered

Because it is battery powered, you can have it installed just about anywhere. The battery is rechargeable and lasts approximately 6 months (depending on usage) before it needs a recharge.

Wi-Fi Required

Where you want it, is up to you. This completely wireless video doorbell gives you the flexibility to choose the perfect installation location without depending on the existing wiring or chime. You just need to have a good Wi-Fi signal at the chosen install location. No problem if the signal is a bit too weak, the doorbell chime acts as a repeater to boost the signal.

All the Bells and Whistles

Just because it is wireless, doesn’t mean it’s not as powerful as our hardwired version. The Wireless Video Doorbell includes Video Analytics for rapid people detection. After all, you don’t need to be notified every time your neighbors’ cat stops by. Advanced Motion Detection gives you intelligent increased awareness with timely alerts.

See It All

The 160° wide 90° vertical field of view gives you a large viewing area so you don’t miss a single thing, and with full HD 1080p recording, we make sure you don’t. We see in the dark too with Low Light Sensitivity (0.5 lux with IR LED off IR range: up to 15 feet).

Talk To Me

Two-Way Audio, of course you want to be able to talk to your visitors. All from the same app that controls your security system. Because who needs more mobile apps?


Yes, you need the Wireless Video Doorbell! Haven’t you waited long enough to add extra security and convenience to your home? Call Forest today 708-452-2000



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