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It’s Backyard Season – Let’s Make Sure it’s Safe

Backyard Season Safety



The cold and snowy months are behind us as we look forward to the warm sunshine of summer. Our backyard begins to green up and remind us its time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and nature. Now that we expand our living spaces into the outdoors, we also expand our security challenges and needs. No one wants uninvited critters or trespassers.

We can make sure your security system extends over your entire property so you will feel safe inside and out. We offer the strongest, most flexible home protection do you can enjoy the summer season without worry.



Are the kids outback?



Keeping an eye on the kids while still giving them the feeling of freedom is challenging these days. Having them play in the backyard gives them adventure and allows them to use their imagination in their own mini-playground. And, you can still keep a watchful eye with smart video monitoring. Supervise your kids play from wherever you are in the house. Customize your alerts to focus on people or specific areas of your property so you are notified whenever someone enters that part of the yard.


Pool Safety



Swimming Pools are the perfect way to keep kids active and have fun at home. But staying safe near the water adds extra concerns. Keeping a video camera with analytics focused on the pool area helps keep watch and with customized notifications, you can get an alert every time someone enters the pools area. Adding a contact sensor on your pool gate can alert you when the pool gate is opened so you know that no one is sneaking into the pool area without your knowledge.


Bumps in the night?



On those cool springtime evenings, there’s nothing more relaxing than listening to the soft breezes blowing in from the outside yard… until you hear a noise you don’t quite recognize. With an outdoor camera, you’ll be able to see if it’s a curious animal or a trespasser walking through. You’ll also receive real-time alerts from your backyard security cameras.


At Forest, we help keep you and your family safe indoors and out. Call us to day for your free security analysis and quote 708-452-2000


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