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Online Shopping Safety Tips

Shopping online is commonplace these days, most of us have shopped at the big-name websites, but what if you find that perfect something from a small unknown place? How do you know their website is trustworthy?

https before anything

First of all, before you enter any sensitive information, make sure the URL starts with “https”. The “s” stands for secure and means the site is encrypted which makes all data transmission much safer to guard against hackers. You can also look for the small padlock which also shows the site is secure.

Safeguard your personal information

Unless you plan to shop on this site often, check out as a guest as opposed to creating an account. This cuts down the number of places your information could be hacked or stolen from. If you do set up an account on the site, remember to create a strong and unique password. Or better yet, use a password manager – See more here: Protect Yourself From Hackers | Forest Security

Be skeptical

Phishers try to lure you away from legitimate website onto malicious pages that capture and steal your information. Phishing sites and emails may closely resemble those of the companies they’re spoofing, so watch out for misspellings, blurry images, deals that require immediate action, deals that are too good to be true, or anything that seems a bit off. Stop and investigate before you hand over any information. Also watch out Hidden or misleading hyperlinks (to see a link’s true destination, hover your mouse over the text before clicking).

Shop only from a secure Wi-Fi

Never trust public Wi-Fi to be secure since it an open network it may be possible for a criminal logged into the same network to see your details. It is best to save shopping, banking, and other sensitive transactions for home.

Public computers

It is highly recommended not to enter any personal information if using a public computer. If you must make a purchase using a shared device, be certain to sign out of your account when you are done. Next visit the browser’s “Settings” page to delete all cookies when you’re done.

Credit Cards

You are protected when using your credit card whether it be in person or online. The Fair Credit Billing Act, a 1974 consumer protection law designed to guard against unfair credit billing practices, gives purchasers the right to dispute unauthorized credit charges over fifty dollars. Even though you are protected, a stolen credit card is a hassle to unravel especially if you have any accounts on auto-pay. If in doubt, double check the company first before entering your payment information.


Identity Theft Protection

Whenever personal or financial information is exposed through a data breach or a shopping scam, there’s also a risk of identity theft. To protect yourself and your family – see more here: Identity Protection | Forest Security


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