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Protect Yourself From Hackers

You are only as secure as your password

We live by our electronic devices. Everything about us is stored electronically. The one vulnerability is our password to all these online accounts. We have a hard-enough time remembering passwords ourselves, but hackers make it their business to dig into our history and unlock the passwords to our lives. Here are some good tips to help create memorable passwords that are safe and secure!

Use a passphrase instead of a password


Passphrases are longer, more complex and more secure. They are also easier to remember. Let’s say you love to garden.


Add a bit more to make more secure


This is a good start but you need capital and lower-case letters


Add Punctuation for extra flare


Add spaces for further complexity (if spaces are allowed on your account)

I Love To Garden & Keep My Home Secure!!

Now add block Capitals to take it one step further

I LOVE To Garden & Keep My Home SECURE!!

There you have it. Your unique passphrase that is easy to remember.

Use a Password Manager


Choosing a password manager that will work for you comes down to one thing… personal preference. There are a lot to choose from but take a look at several and then decide on which features you need and which is easiest for you to use.

Free VS Paid Memberships – We all like free but when it comes to keeping your privacy private and your home secure, can you afford free?

A paid membership will give you better features and will have more protection in place. They will be invested in you since it’s their job and you, their customer, is their main focus, Plus customer support will most likely be better too.

Tip – Use a Free Trial Membership to Test it out before buying

If they offer a free trial, take it. Try out the software to see how it works for you. You’ll know if it is a good fit or not.

Features to consider looking for a top password manager:

  • Password generator – Creates a completely random and secure password for you
  • Password storage (limited vs unlimited)
  • Number of allowed devices
  • Existing password analysis
  • Backup services – to restore your devices if there are any issue
  • Cloud services to sync across multiple devices
  • Auto change passwords – when you need to change your password
  • Import / export
  • Don’t forget about the company itself. Select one with great reviews and some history behind it. Do a search for ‘top password managers’, you’ll see the same ones over and over again which will help give you an indication of what to look for.

If the passphrase idea and password managers are not for you:


  • Use a strong password, at least 12 characters long with upper- and lower-case letters mixed with numbers and symbols. (Consider using a $ or & instead of an “s”)
  • Keep passwords in a safe location and don’t give out to friends. (Have a guest router login to your homes Wi-Fi for friends that want to log on to your internet when visiting)
  • Change your passwords regularly.
  • Don’t ever log into any of your accounts through an email. Always go to the website using your browser and then type in your credentials.
  • Use up to date anti-malware and anti-virus software on your devices.


According to the AG article,  “The Vulnerabilities of DIY CamerasWritten by Mandee Thomas / Feb 6, 2019, many DIY Cameras are installed and the pre-programmed password is never even changed! Or if it is, the password is not secure. A strong password is the only thing protecting your security from being compromised.

Which ever method you use, please make sure your passwords are strong, safe and secure. They are today’s key to keeping your personal information secure.



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