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Protecting Inventory from The Danger Zone

The Danger Zone

The range of temperature between 40° and 140° is referred to the danger zone as this is when bacteria can reproduce rapidly turning fresh foods into toxic disasters within hours. A refrigerator door left open or a heater bulb going out can spoil an entire inventory.

Protecting your inventory from spoilage is crucial and Forest makes it fast and easy to keep real time monitoring or all your temperature-controlled equipment right at your fingertips.




Safe and Simple

We make it simple to set up and even easier to use. We install remote sensors in each environment you need to keep temperature controlled. You can then monitor each right from your desktop or mobile app. If something goes wrong, you can get an email, SMS, and push alerts that are triggered by your set temperature parameters. It even keeps a full history report so you can collect and review crucial data and create historical reports.



More than just foods

It’s not just perishable foods that need to keep out of a danger zone. With the ability of monitoring -22°F to 158°F, we can protect any business that need to keep areas within a specific temperature range. Keep an eye on storage facilities, greenhouses, or other out-of-the-way places. Whether you’re a pet store that needs to keep lizards warm, a plant nursery that needs to keep seedlings from getting too cold or an IT server warehouse that needs to keep equipment in an optimal temperature range, Smarter Business Temperature Monitoring keeps you in control.

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