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Rosemont Offers Burglary Prevention Tips

Rosemont Offers Burglary Prevention Tips

There are several things residents can do to prevent a home burglary.

Rosemont Detective Joe Balogh says tips include:

Always keeping residence doors and windows locked, making sure one uses all the locking mechanisms on a door, including the deadbolt;

make sure you use three-inch screws to secure your deadbolt plate to your door frame — this will ensure that it is secure;

keep high valued items locked up, hidden, and secured in place so they can’t be removed;

at night or when away from your residence, keep the exterior of your home well lit;

and to limit the amount of space a would-be burglar has to hide by keeping exterior bushes and trees trimmed, allowing nothing to grow higher than three feet or hang lower than six feet.

Police also suggest when leaving home to keep a TV or radio on; that if someone unexpectedly knocks on your door, do not open the door but let them know you are home — if it is even remotely suspicious, call police (911) immediately with a good description as police note many burglars knock first to see if anyone is home. When someone answers the door, they’ll have have an excuse to be there such as looking for someone else and have the wrong house, etc.; close blinds so burglars can’t see into your residence; get to know your neighbors as concerned neighbors watch out for each other; and consider covering garage door windows so a burglar can’t see when no car(s) are present.

Police also say that if someone shows up saying they are with a utility company or public works, always ask for ID and call and check with the utility company or 911. Residents are notified ahead of time if a utility company or other workers will be in the neighborhood.

Additional safeguards against burglary include engraving your valuables with your driver’s license number for easier identification and return; videotape, photograph and inventory your valuables and keep these records in a safe place away from home; add a strong padlock to storage areas and backyard gates; use low voltage lighting around your house all night; and

(most of all) consider an alarm for your residence.

“All burglaries cannot be prevented, but by implementing some of these safety measures, residents will hopefully deter crime from occurring and create a safer environment for all,” Balogh says.


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