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Security cameras that can do more for you… and your business


Forest’s business security cameras with Video Analytics do more for you:

Security cameras providing video surveillance for our businesses have been around for decades. It helps us protect our property, our employees, and our inventory. In the beginning, surveillance and recording was all it could do. Fast forward to today, Our surveillance systems do so much more, recording and surveillance is just the start.

You Need Business Video Analytics

With Business Video Analytics from Forest, your surveillance system works even harder than ever. It gives you the information needed to help you make informed decisions about your business:

Occupancy Tracking

You need to keep tract of how many people are in your facility at any given time. It’s easy with our security cameras with video analytics. You can determine total net occupancy at any given time with a multi directional people counting system and even get alerts if the occupancy level gets too high.


People Counting

Want to know which isles in your store draw the most foot traffic? It’s simple with our video cameras with business analytics. Just draw a tripwire anywhere within your property to count how many people cross that invisible line in one direction.


Heat Mapping

What in your inventory is keeping patrons interested? Track and visualize where people spend the most time within an area during a specified date and time range with our video cameras with business analytics.

Pro Tip: Use heat maps to see where you have the most foot traffic and help boost profits by moving high-value products into those areas.


Crowd Gathering

Are your lobbies getting too crowded? Monitor how many people are in a defined area at any given point and get alerts when too many people gather in one space.


Queue Monitoring

Are people waiting too long in line for service? Measure average customer wait time and get alerts if line length or average wait time exceeds preset limits.

Now more than ever, understanding how people move through your business is vital. Improve your security and your business operations using a single platform, with Business Activity Analytics – See more  here

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