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Stay Safe with Unexpected Activity Alerts

We all know life is full of little surprises, especially when you have kids. Some are wonderful while others we wish we could be forewarned about. For all of those, Forest has the answer.

Keep your kids safe with Forest’s Unexpected Activity Alerts. They’re a new type of proactive, intelligent protection powered by our Insights Engine that looks out for everyone in your household by learning their everyday behavior patterns. It knows when something is off-kilter in the household so they can let parents like yourself know before it becomes too late!

See more in the video below:


Once activated, you don’t need to do anything else in order for this new smart home feature to work its magic as it is part of the Forest Smart Home Security platform. Over time, you can offer feedback to let it learn what information is useful and what information should be ignored. You can even pause it if there is a change to your normal schedule, like a vacation day or sick day, so it doesn’t send you unnecessary alerts.

Triggering the Unusual Activity Alert can be learned by all kinds of sensors in your homes security system including motion detectors, and door contacts, window contacts. Here are some ways that the Forest Unexpected Activity Report can save the day:

Door Contact:


Monday through Friday, that front door is opened and closed numerous times early in the morning with kids off to school, taking the dogs our for a walk, leaving for work, and so on. But then there is Saturday, when all is quiet early in the morning. So why did the door just open at 7am? It could be your little 4-year-old explorer is out playing in the yard while you are just starting to open your eyes. This Unexpected Activity Alert will notify you before that curious little one makes it past the yard.



Why are toddlers so interested in the laundry room while teenagers barely know where it is? Keeping little ones out of the laundry room is a concern but with the assistance of a motion detector, you can receive notifications if there is activity in the room that is not on the usual laundry day.

Medicine cabinet:


This is the most dangerous place in your home for children. They are curious and can move chairs and climb on just about anything before you know it. Keep medicine chests safe with contact sensors. You can be notified instantly if it is opened outside of your normal routine.



Every child has those nights when they can’t sleep. Whether it’s because of a bad dream or just wanting a drink of water, your little one might get up and wander out of their room. If your bedrooms are upstairs, that could lead to a sleepy little one taking a tumble. Make sure you are alerted before this happens.

There are numerous ways you can protect your kids by using unexpected activity alerts. Even as they get older, why did that window open at 2am? Unexpected Activity Alerts help you keep an eye on your family, even when you need some shut eye.

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