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Wellness – The Best Way To Live Independently

No Worries with Wellcam

As much as I don’t like to admit it, when they talk about the senior generation, I must include myself in that group. But as independent as I am, I don’t want my kids to have to worry about me.

Staying in Touch

When they were little, we spent much of our time together in our family room where we’d play games, listen to records, eventually watch television, and have lots of fun together. I thought this was the perfect room where we could continue to stay in touch and spend time together, even though my children are grown and their own homes.

Drop in anytime

I installed a Wellness camera in the room where we spent so many years together. I don’t feel it’s an invasion of my privacy since I feel it was then, and continues to be “our family area”.  I still spend evenings there doing crafts and watching television, and I must say, my television has come a long way since those days… My kids can drop in on me anytime through the camera to see that I’m okay and we can have a conversation as if they were in the same room with me.

Peace Of Mind


The camera also has a button on it so in case I am ever in need, I can push it and it contacts them immediately. I know I can get help, if I ever need it. Talk about a win-win, The Wellness cam give us all peace of mind and keeps our family close too.

They think they are checking in to make sure I am safe, but actually, though our nightly visits on Wellcam, I have peace of mind knowing they are all okay too.

To learn more about Wellcam, click here.


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