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Are you getting the most from your security system?

Ever Changing Technology

Technology is great in helping us to get more done, make things more convenient, and help remind us of things we may have forgotten, but it changes so quickly that we can easily be unaware of new features available to us.


Is your App up to date?

Step one is always to make sure your app is updated. To make sure you have all the features available to you, ensure you have the latest version of Forest’s mobile app from . If you have an Android Device, Get the most recent version from Google Play – Click Here

If you have an Apple Device, Get the most recent version from the Apple Store – Click Here

Tip- Apple Users: You can now rotate your phone and utilize landscape mode making the test larger, easier to navigate, and easier to read. This feature is already available for Android users.

Are you using Places?

Another feature that you may not be using is Geo-Services Places. It helps to remind us if we have forgotten to do things like close the garage door when we drove away, or arm our security system after leaving the house. Places also can turn your thermostat to a desired temperature or turn your light on when you are on your way home, making your home more comfortable and safe. To learn more about Geo-Services Places – click here


Do you know about sensor activity alerts?

Sensor Activity Alerts – Did you know you can add a contact as a notification device? It won’t set off your alarm but you will receive a notification if it is opened. Great for protecting a medicine cabinet, jewelry case, liquor cabinet or just about anything you want to be notified about if someone else is accessing. (Set up a sensor activity alert – click here)


Does your control panel have facial recognition?

Do you have the newest Forest E911 security panel? If so, have you set your face recognition yet? For the ultimate in security, disarm your system with something that is uniquely yours, your face. If you would like to upgrade to the newest security panel:

give us a call at 708-452-2000 or contact us below:



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