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Do I really need a security system? I have a dog…


It’s true that given the choice, a burglar will target a home with no dog over one that has a dog, even a small one. Does that mean if you have a dog, you should skip the security system? Not exactly…

  • Alert Reliability

Dogs are amazing. Their heightened sense of smell and hearing knows immediately if an intruder is on your property. However, to your dog, an intruder can be “Squirrel!!” “School Bus!!”” “Mail Man!!”” “”Rabbit!!”” All great excuses to warn you… with some barking and more barking.

A Forest Smart Security System also detects an intruder immediately but can determine if there is a genuine threat, or an everyday occurrence. You’ll know if someone pulls into your drive, or walks on your property with an outdoor camera with video analytics. You can see a clip and know immediately if a visitor has arrived, or if someone may be lurking outside. If someone is at your front door, our video doorbell can warn you, even if they don’t ring the bell.

Even more important, if these is a break-in, Forest’s central station will notify you and contact the authorities.



  • Tamper Resistant

Fido may be a great early warning system but it has been known for an intruder to enter with doggy treats to distract Fido. Some highly trained dogs won’t fall for this but many certainly will.

On the other hand, a criminal will need more than a steak to defeat a Forest Security System. Our panel is designed to contact the authorities if tampered with so you will know you (and Fido) are always protected.


  • Deterrence

Burglars avoid homes with security systems, even more so if video cameras are visible. They also avoid homes with dogs, but not always. Both security systems and dogs are definitely a deterrent in keeping your home safe.

However, there are some things our furry friends can’t do… They can’t text or call us if someone is trying to break in, but a Forest Security system can.  They can’t remind us to lock the front door or set the alarm system, but with notifications from a Forest System, you’ll get a text if you leave the house and forgot to lock up or set the alarm. They can’t take a photo or video of an intruder, but with a Forest Video System, you’ll have high-definition images of all suspicious activity in and around your home.

And most of all, they can’t call for help in the event of an emergency but a Forest System will and it is there to protect them too.

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