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Energy Costs are Through The Roof – Forest Can Help


Energy costs have skyrocketed this year and for us consumers, we’re left out in the cold… Here are some tips to hopefully help ease that high price tag a bit:

Automatically save energy when you leave home

One of the biggest waste of energy is heating or cooling your home when you’re away. Forest’s Smart Thermostat prevents this by setting itself back when no one is home. It can do this because it works with your security system and a technology called Geo-Services that understands when you’re leaving and when you’re on your way home.

Geo-Services uses the Forest Security app on your phone as a trigger to automatically adjust your thermostat (and other security devices) based on your location and direction relative to your home. Your thermostat will use it to save energy whenever your family goes out, and it will dial the comfort back up as you arrive home again.

Automate your lights

Lighting has come a long way in terms of energy efficiency, but you can still cut down on waste by automating them.

Forest’s smart lights can turn on and off automatically according to the time of day, or when it gets dark, or whether you’re home. What makes them different is they are also connected to your security system so you can control them with customized Scenes, our quick, multi-device commands that make controlling your home easy.

Smart lights are a great crime deterrent too by scheduling them to turn on if motion is detected outside your home.

Take control of energy-wasting devices

A source of energy waste in your home that is truly hidden are your devices that still use energy when you think they’re turned off. This “standby waste” or “phantom load” could be responsible for up to 10 percent of your electricity bill. The worst offenders include TVs, game consoles, DVRs, cable boxes and coffee machines. smart plugs let you eliminate this waste by cutting the power supply to these devices when you don’t need them. You can control your smart plugs with your Forest app or a voice-activated Scene, or simply schedule them to turn off at night.

Nicor Gas customers – Check for Rebates

High-efficiency ENERGY STAR® certified products use less energy and can save you money. Rebates for energy efficiency upgrades may be available to current residential Nicor Gas customers, and participation is simple.  Have a Forest Smart  ENERGY STAR® certified thermostat installed and check here for rebates.

Want to save even more?

Our smart home security technology saves you worry, time and money in more ways than one.  The solution is to apply some energy-saving measures—which isn’t easy when your family is coming and going 24/7 and your kids have learned how to adjust the temperature. However, there’s a way to tackle the problem without becoming a security guard for your household thermostat.

Forest’s Smart thermostat makes it easy to save energy and money by automating your home’s heating and cooling.  See more about our ENERGY STAR® certified thermostat here.

Stop heating and cooling the neighborhood all year long

Another benefit of a thermostat that’s connected to your security system is that it knows if door or window is left open. When your kids forget to close the back door, letting summer heat inside, Forest’s smart thermostat can pause your AC automatically by setting back a couple of degrees. You can get an alert when this happens so that you can close the door yourself… or yell for your kids to do it. As soon as it’s closed, your AC returns to normal. No more cooling the neighborhood!



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