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Helpful Tips for Work and School Schedules in 2020

You’ve trusted Forest to keep your home and family safe. Now, let us help keep this back to school season safe too with these great tips:


Undoubtedly, starting the 2020 school year is different than any other year we have ever experienced.

This year there are brand new concerns to deal with. Your kids may be heading back to the classroom, learning from home, or have a hybrid schedule with a mixture of both. You might be working from home on a tight schedule with little wiggle room, what if someone’s schedule changes?

Forest has some suggestions to help you adapt. A Forest Security System is not just for emergencies. It is smart technology that helps you stay connected to what is happening in your day to day routine, manage any immediate changes, and even eliminate distractions of you are working from home.

How can Forest’s Security System do all that?


A Forest Security Indoor Camera to help with at home learning

Keeping everyone on schedule and adding virtual learning on top of it is a challenge, to say the least. If you have to leave your work desk every few minutes to help with a school assignment question or It issue, you need a Forest Indoor Camera with two-way voice positioned within reach of your kids. Use it as an intercom for your in-home classroom so if they need help, they can just push the talk button to show you the problem you are having. This also gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on them with everyone staying in their own workspace.


Your Forest Security Doorbell Camera to help avoid distractions

Distractions from work or school eat up valuable time. A knock at the front door will distract everyone in the house. That’s where Forest’s Video Doorbell Camera comes in handy. When a visitor comes to your front door, you can answer directly from your desk. And, if it is a delivery, you can have them leave it at the door so you can get it during your next break.


Forest Security Smart Locks are a worthwhile investment to make everyone’s day easier

Kids going to school outside the home or doing hybrid learning this year? A Smart lock added to your Forest Security system can help make your day easier. Kids forget keys and forget to lock front doors in the hectic morning schedule. With a smart lock, you can ensure your home is locked when they leave and can get in when they return home. Even if they forget their door code, you can unlock it for them without ever leaving your workspace.


You Forest Security System can send you alert notifications for your peace of mind

Knowing the whereabouts of your kids whether you are working from home or in your office helps to keep your day on track.  Setting up these alerts is easy and take only minutes.

User Code Alert:

Your family members all have their own code to unlock the smart door lock or disarm the alarm panel. Get an alert when the system unlocks the door or disarms the system. You will know exactly which family member is coming or going and when.


No Show Alert:

This alert works the opposite way by letting you know if a user has not used the system by a specific time. If the kids are running late and, this alert helps by prompting you to check in.


Video Alerts:

A video clip from your Forest Security outdoor or indoor camera can be set to trigger by a user code gives you confirmation the kids are safely home.

Learn More About Setting Up Notifications: Click here


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