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Keeping Connected During These Changing Times


Times, they are a changing….


We have just settled into our new routines with many of us working from home. Houses, schedules, and our lives were rearranged to accommodate work spaces. Now things are starting to open back up, and things are changing once again leaving all of us a bit nervous and anxious. It’s easy to ignore important things like staying in touch with family and friends during these busy times.

A Good Antidote


A good antidote to everyday stress is simply talking about it, according to the experts.  Staying in touch is so important these days.

Luckily, the technology of today not only protects our homes, it also helps to keep us connected to each other.




Forest’s Wellness Cam not only helps to check in on loved ones safety, it also helps us to keep close when we can’t be there face to face. Just because we can start gathering together safely doesn’t mean it’s not important to easily check in daily with just the push of a button.


Social Media


Another Great way to share family time is with a private family social media page on Facebook or MeWe.  This way you can share family time without the whole world looking in. No need to wait for that annual holiday letter, keep in touch all year long.




Many times our neighbors are just like family too. If your neighborhood doesn’t have online group, create one. It’s a good way to connect on neighborhood safety. Many times these groups have even helped locating a lost pet or even track down a package thief with their Video Door Cam.

With Forest, it’s easy to stay safe, stay well, and stay connected. Call us today.



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