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Security Starts at your Front Door



Your front door says a lot about your home’s security

Your front door welcomes you home. It welcomes your guests when they stop by for a visit. It welcomes your delivery drivers when you order out. It also can either welcome or ward off a potential burglar.

Most burglars enter right through the front door. It seems like a bold move but when you think about it, it’s pretty normal to see a person standing on a front porch. So, let’s make sure your door does everything possible to protect everything inside.


Good Construction

Let’s start with your door’s construction. Exterior doors are constructed of usually wood, fiberglass or steel. Any of these make good options as long as the door is solid, closes securely and locks easily. Locks may need to be adjusted from time to time to ensure good working order. Thicker, heavier doors provide better protection as they are more difficult to kick in.

Many doors also have glass panels and they can be just as secure, even with large panels of glass. Just choose one with door glass protected by a polycarbonate glazing shield which makes it virtually unbreakable. Another good option is hurricane glass or bullet proof glass making it impossible to penetrate. Tempered or laminated glass doors may be inexpensive, but offers only minimal protection.

Now that your door is secure protect it even further with a Forest Security contact. When door contact is closed and your alarm is set, if anyone was able to penetrate your front door, your alarm would sound and Forest’s professional monitoring center is immediately notified. They take it from there to contact you and the authorities, if required.


Solid Locks

What about your door locks? Deadbolt locks are standard on entry/exit doors but have you looked at your doorjamb? Your lock inserts into strike plate. Most standard strike plates come with short screws for easy installation. Which also makes it easy to kick in. Replace those short screws with 3” and a box strike. The longer screws will pass the jamb and secure into the framing. The kick in resistance will improve dramatically.

Take it one step further and add security and convenience with Forest Smart lock – Always know when your door is closed and secure – remotely lock/unlock from anywhere – No need for keys – See what Smart locks can do for you here: Residential – Access Control | Forest Security


Your Doorbell

It wasn’t too long ago when a doorbell was just a doorbell. Now, it’s added security for your home. A video Doorbell will let you know immediately if someone is by your front door whether they ring the bell or not – It’s a great deterrent to any potential burglar that not only will they be seen, they will also be recorded. Plus, you have all the added conveniences that a Forest Video Doorbell offers – remote viewing – two-way talk with visitors – video analytics – and so much more – Check it out here: Video Doorbell | Forest Security

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