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When it comes to security cameras, we mean business…

Pro Series

Forest’s Pro Series camera line is built for business but is also a great solution for residential use. Improve your security with features like high resolution onboard, SVR recording and varifocal lens options. Industry leading technology delivers security to protect you from intruders, vandalism, theft and unexpected activity.

All Pro Series cameras offer:

  • Onboard recording with a MicroSD card and recording to the Commercial Video Stream Recorder
  • Smart Business Analytics (Occupancy Tracking, People Counting, Hat Mapping, Crowd Gathering, Queue Monitoring)See more about Smart Business Analytics Here:  Video Analytics For Business | Forest Security
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) for higher contrast and brighter images
  • WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) Cuts glare and “washed out” areas

Motorized Varifocal Lens

The Standard Dome, Bullet and Turret Camera all have a motorized varifocal lens. So exactly what are the benefits of this specialized lens?

  • 116° to 34° Field of View with no loss of focus
  • Allows for end user camera adjustments
  • Motorized lens allows for remote zoom and auto-focus
  • Easily dial in your field of view to maximize image quality
  • Increase install location flexibility




Cameras that are integrated into your security system give you all in one solution with 24/7 monitoring, proactive security and smart technology so you can focus on what matters most. Whether you are looking to safeguard your home or business, Forest has the right video solution for you.


Video Monitoring

Remotely know if someone is on your property at any time. Get alerts about moments that matter, in real time with video analytics. Fewer false notifications keep focused only on events you want to know about and not bother you with the ones you don’t.


Remote Control

All in one app allows you to control and manage your entire security system with the tap of a button. Remotely see your home or business video feed at any time.


Smart Cameras

See your Indoors or outdoors in HD right on your mobile device. Forest’s Smart Cameras also allow you to talk to guests and proactively deter unwanted visitors.



You can’t always be there but you can be in touch. Check in on your office, the kids at home, or check in with your folks. With the push of a button, you have 180-degree view from the camera and two-way talk so you can rest assured all is well.


The Right Choice

When it comes to video cameras, we know there are a lot of choices out there. Commercial businesses and retail stores face different security threats compared to residential buildings, like petty theft or shoplifting.  Forest can help you determine the best options for your specific needs.


 See more about Residential Video Cameras Here:

See more about Commercial Video Cameras Here:


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