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Business Flood Protection

Smart Water Valve

The Smart Water Valve provides peace of mind that your home is protected against water damage. Set up rules to automatically shut off your water when a water sensor detects a leak. Use your Forest app to turn your water on or off remotely.


  • Open / close water valve remotely
  • Automatically shut off the water when paired with a water sensor
  • Modular design
  • Z-Wave Plus communication
  • Z-Wave S2 security protocol

Water Management Solution


This Water Management solution works by combining a Z-Wave Water Valve and wireless radio frequency (RF) Water Sensors to detect floods and leaks and automatically shut off the water supply.

Plumber Required


The Z-Wave Water Valve can be installed by a certified plumber, and enrolls into the Z-Wave network.

Water Dragon

This ultra-compact device uses ultrasonic technology to detect unexpected water activity giving you protection from water leaks. You’ll be instantly alerted with notifications to your mobile app about potential issues.

Always On-Guard

A water protection solution that’s always on guard to detect leaks before they become major issues requiring costly repairs.

Ultrasonic technology monitors water flow throughout your property’s entire pipe system. If unexpected water activity is detected, it immediately sends you an alert. By catching small leaks before they become big ones, you can avoid mold and property damage before they happen.


Water Flow & Temperature

The Water Dragon detects all unusual water flow, whether it be low, medium, or high. This includes slow leaks which are hidden behind walls or floors.

It even monitors the temperature of the pipe and alerts you if it is cold enough to potentially freeze , preventing catastrophic water damage due to burst pipes.

A Snap to Install

Snap the clips onto the main water line pipe, zip tie them together, and secure the Water Dragon. No plumber is required. We program your Forest Security control panel to add the device to your system.

The Water Dragon is an ultra-compact unit that fits even in the tightest of spaces making it ideal for  small businesses.

Conserve Water…  Save on Utility Bills

You can monitor your water usage directly in the app. Track water usage trends for the day, week, and month to adjust your habits to better conserve water and save on utility bills.

Water Probe

The water probe will alert you to flooding in your business. The wireless water sensor is a great solution for protecting basements areas, kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, water heaters and/ or sump pumps from damage from flooding or water leaks.

Broken Hoses & Burst Pipes


Broken hoses, burst pipes or faulty appliances can cause catastrophic damage if a water leak goes unnoticed. Not only can the water sensor help you avoid expensive structural damage, but by detecting the water leak as soon as it happens, you can also prevent dangerous health risks from the resulting mold after a flood.

Alarm Trigger


The remote water probe will trigger an alarm when both pins are in contact with 1/4″ of water for (3) minutes. The water sensor will restore the alarm after no water is in contact with the probe for another (3) minutes.


Environmental Protection

Based on a recent study by the Insurance Research Council, 60% of property claims are caused by faulty indoor appliances or plumbing leaks, 25% are caused by rain or flooding and 11% are caused by sewers and sump pumps. Why not maximize your security system by adding environmental protection?

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