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Shooter Detection Systems

SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection


The smarts and speed you need to save lives.


In the event of an active shooter incident, you need the most accurate and timely information. SDS Indoor Gunshot Detection delivers with patented dual-mode sensor technology and robust software to help you make the most informed and timely decisions.

The only indoor gunshot detection system with Active Shooter Intelligence


It’s the proven, patented technology inside every SDS product — sensors and software combined. Identify, pinpoint, notify, and respond to an active shooter incident with accuracy, reliability, and speed.

How SDS Indoor Works:













ResponderLink – Lifesaving Information to 911


ResponderLink completes the circle from detection to 911 notification to first responder awareness, giving law enforcement the enhanced situational intelligence they urgently need to save lives.


Your dedicated communications team during a gun violence event:


  • Significantly reduce the reporting of incorrect information by automatically pinpointing gunfire location down to the exact area or room
  • Which 911 call center or PSAP best services your area? ResponderLink leverages Noonlight’s platform to remove the potential for incorrect call assignment
  • Updated information provided via text, voice and email communications
  • Both your organization and 911 operators receive information at the same time, reducing confusion and improving communications during a period of immense stress


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