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Connected Fleet

Stay in control with Connected Fleet.


Our cutting-edge technology keeps you informed about your commercial vehicles, providing intelligent data on maintenance requirements, driver habits, and accurate location tracking. With Connected Fleet, you can rest easy knowing that your vehicles are in good hands and operating at peak efficiency.

Uncover valuable insights instantly:

monitor vehicle speeds, braking habits, popular routes, and exact locations—all in real time!

Is your business large, mid-sized, or small… We handle it all:

24/7 security and management solutions is provided by Connected Fleet for up to 100 vehicles per location — with an unlimited location capacity.

Your Always Informed with Fleet Trip Reports!

Boost your fleet’s performance by pinpointing vehicle behaviors in real-time and get automated reports delivered right to your inbox. Stay in control and maximize efficiency with just a click.

Save On Fuel Costs!

Maximize your savings by monitoring fuel consumption in real-time. Receive instant alerts for low fuel levels and unexpected vehicle issues.

It’s easy to get started with Connected Fleet.

Installation takes only seconds.  Our OBD-II device uses cellular connectivity ensuring your fleet connection is always online.

Connected Fleet


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