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Happy Columbus Day


Columbus Day Facts: 9 Things to Know

The holiday was first celebrated in 1792

Oct 7, 2016, 12:27 pm EDT  |  By William White, InvestorPlace Writer

Columbus Day will take place on Monday, Oct. 10, 2016 and InvestorPlace has collected some Columbus Day facts to celebrate the holiday with.

Here are some Columbus Day facts, as collected from History.com.

  • It commemorates Christopher Columbus’ arrival in the New World on Oct. 12, 1492
  • Columbus Day first became a federal holiday in 1937 after the Knights of Columbus pressured President Franklin D. Roosevelt into recognizing it.
  • However, many cities and states have been celebrating the day much longer than this.
  • The first Columbus Day celebration took place in New York in 1792.
  • Christopher Columbus was attempting to map a trade route to China, India and other parts of Asia, but landed in the Bahamas.
  • After leaving the Bahamas, he sighted Cuba and believed it to be China.
  • It wasn’t until his third journey across the Atlantic Ocean that he realized he wasn’t visiting Asia, but the New World.
  • The holiday has grown to be one that celebrates Italian heritage, with many people fixing Italian foods to celebrate.
  • Some Native Americans also use Columbus Day as a time to teach lessons about their ancestors.

You can learn more Columbus Day facts by following this link.


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