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New Home? New Home Security!


Spring is right around the corner and dreaming of a new home is so exciting. It’s also the perfect time to make some smart home security decisions not only to protect your new home, but also to make it more convenient.

Start with the Locks

You are going to change the locks anyway, it’s time to install a new Smart Connected Lock. It will help keep movers and any workers you hired on task, and on schedule. You can lock up immediately after they have finished, whether you are there or not protects your home from intruders. Giving painters, plumbers, etc. their own code to come and go when they need to and you can check to make sure they arrived on time and locked up afterwards right from your phone.

You can also:

  • Disarm your security system and unlock the front door from your smartphone.
  • Allow easy keyless entry with access codes for workers or cleaners entering your house. Codes can easily be removed after their task is completed.
  • Get immediate alerts if you forget to lock your front door or close the garage so you can react right away.

Keep an eye on everything

Keeping in touch with all that is going on in your new home when you’re not there is simple. Indoor and outdoor cameras give you a full view of people involved in your move and their overall progress.

  • Video Analytics helps to notify you only when necessary. You want to know if a person is walking up to your home or a vehicle is pulling into your drive. You don’t need to know when your neighbor takes his dog out for a walk.
  • Keep a close eye on your kids and pets inside your new home during the move with indoor cameras.
  • Answer the front door safely with a video doorbell. It alerts you when someone arrives, and you can answer right from your app from anywhere.


Always come home to comfort

With all the comings and goings during a move, an energy-saving smart thermostat puts you in control of your home’s heating and cooling so everyone can be comfortable and save you money too.

  •  Turn up the heat (or the AC) on-the-go right from your app.
  • Connect your smart thermostat to your security system to automatically adjust temps for arrivals and departures.
  • Explore intelligent energy-saving options to keep your bills lower.

Investing in a smarter home sooner rather than later can help save you time, money, and worry right away and down the road. A connected security system from Forest is the smarter way to protect your new home, along with everything (and everyone) important inside it.


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