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Tips From Security Claus – Electronic Toys

It’s a magical time of year and there is nothing more precious than the look on your little one’s face when they open that special toy they have been wanting and hoping for. It is very likely that special toy is electronic and connects to the internet. Some toys include apps so your child can communicate with approved family members or friends while others use Bluetooth or your home wi-fi network.

To help ensure your privacy and safety, here are some security tips:

  • 1) Turn off the toy when it is not in use so the camera/microphone recording capabilities are not available for hackers to compromise.


  • 2) Minimize required account information when setting up a new device or toy. You are not required to give your exact address or real full name (if no payment is required). Many devices have GPS locators and if your account is hacked with all of your accurate information, it could prove to be disastrous. There is no reason that you can’t have a made-up account name for toys or devices to protect your identity.


  • 3) Check the company’s privacy policy by doing a web search. Do they encrypt their information? Do they share or sell information to third parties? Do they notify their customers if their database is hacked?


  • 4) Make sure your network and apps are secure. Use strong passwords which do not include your name, family members name, pets name, birthdays, address or a simple 1234 or 4321. All of this while being remember-able to you are also very hack able.


We all want our children to be enchanted during the Christmas Season especially. Let’s make sure to keep them safe too!





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