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Cybersecurity Tips for the New Year


There has been a flood of recent reports of hackers breaking into residential security cameras. What has happened to allow so many security breaches? We have learned that hackers have developed dedicated software to break into several self-installed security devices and cameras.


According to Motherboard,  hackers have developed a tool specifically for breaking into Ring accounts with cameras. One forum has a post for a “Ring Video Doorbell Config.” A config is a file used to drive special software to quickly churn through usernames or email addresses and passwords and trying to use them to log into accounts.


There have been recent reports that strangers were speaking to them through their cameras. In one instance an 8-year-old girl heard harassing voices from the security camera in her room. This is disturbing to say the least.

So, what can we do to protect ourselves and our families?


1) Use a unique username and password combination for every one of your accounts.

We all do it… Use the same username and password for various accounts and subscriptions. It’s just easier to remember that way. But all it takes is one “wrong person” working for one of these services to leak or steal these credentials and then they can be used to hack into devices that need to be secured.


2) Use two factor authorization on all accounts that offer it. Especially your security cameras. This seems to be where hackers are concentrating many of their efforts.


3) Use strong passwords and change them regularly. A password manager may be the way to go if you have many online accounts. Do a search for one to find one that would work best for you.


4) Don’t recycle your passwords. Yes, it helps you to remember but if your data was ever breached, these credentials are still out there.


5) Don’t go it alone. Forest Security can set up and maintain your security devices and home automation devices. Your Safety is our Only Business!


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