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Smart Business Video Cameras and Smarter Video Alerts

Video Security Monitoring is essential. Forest Security’s Live camera viewing and customized recording options, makes it easy to stay in touch with all the important activity at your business.

With our Advanced Video Analytics Monitoring, your video is even more intelligent. This real-time insight filters and categorizes your alerts giving you a superior level of customization and control.


With perimeter protection, you can customize your notifications for only when your system is armed, if it is armed stay, disarmed or at all times. This allows you to be notified only when a visitor stops by after hours, or if you prefer, each time a visitor enters your business.

Using cutting edge artificial intelligence, it categorizes people, animals and vehicles and can ignore an animal who enters your protected zone, but alert you when a person passes your virtual tripwire. It makes the intelligent decisions, in real time, whether to alert you or not according to your preferences. You create the virtual zones and tripwires for your cameras based on the layout of your business allowing for complete customization.


Customized Notifications



Know when someone tries to enter your business after hours


 Know when a person enters any of your protected areas


Know when important activities are taking place at your business



There are many video camera options out there, why not choose the Best and the Smartest from Forest Security – Call Us Today For Complete Details 708-452-2000 or contact us below:


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