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Safe Home Moving Tips


Moving? According to, the Chicago area’s Housing Market Recovery Index is on the rise growing 6% in mid-June, indicating people are on the move. We all are sure to remember our cable or satellite services so our Wi-Fi and television services are not interrupted, but what about security?


Home security should be top on your moving list.

Here are some helpful tips from Forest:



1) Is there an existing security system? Previously owned homes and even some newly build already have security systems installed. Forest can “take over” your previously installed security system quickly, easily and affordably! If there is no existing system, not to worry. We can install complete systems in as little as half a day.



2) Security Cameras are a must! Indoor and outdoor cameras keep you in touch with what’s happening in and around your home. You want to be notified of certain events, like someone lingering around the outside of your home, but not every time your neighbor walks by. Forest’s smarter Video Cameras and Alerts System:

You also want to ensure you have night vision, live streaming, smart notifications, and record upon alarm event. Forest offers all this and more with our Video Camera and Monitoring packages.



3) Change the Lock! It seems silly to say, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t change or re-key the locks when moving into a new home. Who knows how many sets of keys are out there? This is a good time to consider Smart Locks. If you are prone to forgetting your keys, or want the convenience of having the door auto unlock for you, ask Forest about Smart Locks and integration with your security system.



4) Smart Lighting, it’s not only for convenience. Controlling your home’s lighting from an app or by voice with Google Home or Alexa, is not just for convenience. Making sure your lights are on when it gets dark deters potential intruders. You can also have your lights set to turn on in an alarm event. If in the middle of the night, someone tries to break into your garage, the alarm goes off and your lights immediately turn on is usually enough to scare them off. For more about what smart lighting can do for you: (need to write and add Smart Lighting page to the website and link here)



5) Smoke and CO Detection. We know since you are buying a new home that has just had a home inspection, that you have both smoke and carbon monoxide detection alarms installed. Tink about going one step further and tying them into your security system. Think about if you are away from home, or if it is in the middle of the night when smoke or CO gas is detected. Who will call for help?


Let Forest help make your move easier, smarter and safer! Call us today or contact us at:


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