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Smart Video Cameras and Smarter Video Alerts

Video Security Monitoring is essential these days. Live camera viewing and customized recording options, Forest’s Smart Video makes it easy to stay in touch with all the important activity at your home or business.

With Forest Security’s Advanced Video Analytics Monitoring, your video is even more intelligent. Your monitored video streams can now distinguish between important events and routine activity. This real-time insight filters and categorizes your alerts giving you a superior level of customization and control.

Using cutting edge artificial intelligence, it can tell whether a moving object in your driveway is a person, animal or vehicle. It can ignore the person who quickly visits your front door, then leaves (mail delivery) but alert you if a visitor lingers too long in the same place. It makes the intelligent decisions, in real time, whether to alert you or not according to your preferences.

You can create virtual zones and tripwires for your cameras based on the layout of your home or business allowing for further customization.

You can know and be alerted:


Vehicles come and go: Know when a car stops outside your home, but not every time a car drives by.


Visitors Linger: Get alerted if someone is lingering around your front door, but not each time the mailman delivers the mail.


Pets Break Rules: Know if you’re your pet jumps on the furniture when you are away, or a neighbor’s pet visits your lawn.



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