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4th Of July Safety Tips from Shamus, Missy, and Minnow

Shamus, Missy and Minnow share their tips to keep your furry friends safe and happy this 4th of July.

Independence Day celebrations are fun for the whole family, barbecues with lots of food, parades, music and then when night falls, Fireworks! That’s when the fun usually stops for most of our furry friends. That spectacular light show comes with loud booms making it very scary for so many pets.

Shamus, Missy and Minnow want to help with these safety tips to keep your 4-legged friend calm while you celebrate America’s birthday.

Keep them indoors

Especially your pet is sensitive to loud noises (fireworks), keep them indoors during firework celebrations. Even if your yard is secure, pets can panic during loud booms and find a way to try to get away from the scary noise. Shelters report their busiest time as July 5th with all the frightened pets that escaped their yards.

Party During the Day

Poop your pet out during the daytime so they will sleep through the nighttime noise. Long daytime walks or some fun at the dog park can help to tire them out.

Find Fido’s comfy spot to Not Watch the Fireworks

If your fur baby is crate trained, this is the best place to be during scary times, if not, an interior room with closed windows to reduce noise is an ideal spot.

Use Calming Aids

There are many stress reliving natural aids for anxious pets. Thundershirts help many dogs feel calmer during loud storms and firework celebrations. Here are Shamus, Missy, and Minnows favorite calming tips:

Minnow’s favorite: Herbal treatments: lavender, valerian and chamomile have a positive effect on nervous pups. Aromatherapy with essential oils can make pups feel safer in their calm area. Minnow likes these beautiful scents to help her drift off to a relaxing snooze.

Shamus favorite: Keep your pup calm is by distraction with a long lasting treat. A peanut butter-stuffed KONG dog toy or a big, meaty bone will keep their attention on the treat, and not the loud booms. Shamus likes to drown his fears in good food!

Missy’s favorite: Calming Music for pets. Missy prefers to tune into her favorite relaxing music to help her drift off…

Shamus, Missy, and Minnow hope they helped your furry friend find their favorite way to stay calm during loud 4th of July celebrations.


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