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Safety tips to Make Your Home Less Appealing to Burglars

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No one wants to experience a home invasion and the helpless feeling you are left with. Ensuring your home doesn’t appeal to burglars isn’t always easy, but these next tips will certainly help!



#1) Reinforce your existing door jam


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Your current jam may seem adequate but it can never hurt to add to it. Give intruders the most difficult time trying to enter and stop them in their tracks.


#2 Install A SimLock 

Deadbolts do a pretty good job of keeping doors locked, burglars can find ways to get through them. This little device is easy to install and makes your lock unpick-able!


#3 Install a Patio Door Guardian on Sliding Doors

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You can use a wooden pole to try to keep sliding doors closed but with this handy little tool, your doors won’t budge.


In addition to the above door protection, install a security alarm with door sensors on all accessible windows and doors. If an intruder does break through a reinforced door or window, your alarm will notify you and the intruder that authorities are on the way.


#3 Install Garage Door Protection

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It take only seconds to break into an overhead garage door. There are several items on the market designed to protect this vulnerable area of your home.  Secure Shield and Garage Armour are just to name a few. Find the one that is right for you.


In addition, install a tilt sensor or outdoor door contact on your overhead garage door so you will know every time it is opened.

#4 Install A Wide Angle Door Peephole

These days, you need a look at who comes to your door.  A wide angle peephole will allow you to see criminals even if they duck to one side of the door or the other trying not to be seen.

Better yet, install a video doorbell camera. You won’t even have to get off your chair to see who is outside.

#5 Keep Spare Keys in an Outdoor Lock Box

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Many of us have lost a key at one time or another.  Having a spare set is vital, but only if they are in a secure place like an outdoor lock box. Never keep keys in an unsecured hiding spot.

Better Yet,  Have an automatic door lock installed and integrated with your security system. You’ll be able to lock/unlock your doors from anywhere and you will always know current status and history of your door lock.


#6) Install A Privacy Mailbox

Even though rummaging through mail that isn’t addressed to you is a crime, it doesn’t stop criminals. Keep your personal mail personal!  Lock up your privacy in one of these whether you have a rural box or a house box, there is one to fit your needs.

Having a video Doorbell Camera or Outdoor Camera also helps deter criminals from rummaging through your items.


#7 Install Motion Sensors/Activated Lights

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It’s impossible to keep an eye on all of your outdoor property all the time. Having motion sensors and/or motion lights, you and an intruder will be notified as soon as they set foot on your property.

Better yet, have Forest install and integrate outdoor lighting and/or video cameras so you will always have an eye on whats going on outdoors.

#8 Replace Your Garage Door Keypad with a Remote


Your garage keypad serves its purpose, but a talented criminal will know how to hack it. With a key-chain remote, you are the only one who can open the door.

And yes, an even better choice is installing a remote garage door controller that is fully integrated with your Forest Alarm System. You will be able to open and close your door from anywhere plus you will be notified when it is activated and you can even receive reminders if you forget to close your garage door!


#9 The Classic Door Bolt

An oldie but a goodie. Many of us still have these and they are surprisingly strong. You just have to use them!

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    Original Report By: Ryan Unger (



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