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All Security Systems are not created equal

Some DIY home projects are a great way to help save money and can easily be done by you, the homeowner. Other things may seem easy enough like installing an alarm system. How hard could this be? Well, let’s start here:

According to Bob Dolph of SSI Magazine, there are many varieties of wireless devices. Some are extremely vulnerable as they are easily jammed and disabled making your security system useless. Professional Systems use the best technology to provide a higher level of security:

One-way transmission — An RF signal is sent in “one direction” from the wireless device to control panel. This is the lowest cost system and the easiest to fail and be compromised. This type of technology is used by many popular DIY systems.

Two-way transmission — Transmission is sent by the wireless device and acknowledged by control panel. If a signal is lost or becomes invisible to the control panel, a loss of supervision is sent the monitoring station and end user to warn of a pending problem. This system offers much better protection along with the reduction of sensor battery drain.

Spread-spectrum transmission — (or frequency hopping) Multiple frequencies are transmitted from the device. If one frequency is not being received and acknowledged by the panel, the system will shift to another frequency. This system is highly reliable to counter RF interference and compromise and originally designed for the military.

Transmission encryption — Newest technology encrypts all signals sent and received between the devices and control panel making jamming or duplicating signals very difficult. Ask us about a transmission encrypted security system for your home or business.

Professional Monitoring is through anti-jam internet and/or dedicated cellular device transmission. Reliable electrical and RF supervision should be provided on all devices and services. If communications fail, the alarm company will know and notify the customer. Wireless networks such as WiFi are extremely vulnerable to intermittent failure.

When we think of home security, we immediately think security alarm system. But, do you know that according to the Insurance Information Institute (, the biggest property loss is due to fire (& lightening) followed by water damage, then theft. The security system you choose should offer protection for all threats to your home.

Forest suggests you have monitored smoke detectors installed in all sleeping areas of your home and on every level. This will protect you if you when you are at home and protect your property when you are away. See more about our smoke/fire protection: click here

Water does a lot of damage, quickly. Our video:  shows just how quickly a small leak can cause damage to a home. A security system should offer you and your home complete protection like the Forest Security System! See more about protecting your home from water damage: click here

As a professional security company, we feel it is our responsibility to notify you to the vulnerabilities of some systems available on the market that promote the message their system can protect you while only offering minimal protection that is easily compromised. Protect your home and your family with the best and as always, at Forest, Your Security Is Our Only Business!

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