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What makes Forest’s Business Security System Smart?

When it comes to running a business, day to day tasks, worries, and inconveniences keep you busy enough, you don’t need to worry about security too. Modern systems not only help to protect your business; they also help you to become more efficient.

Forest’s commercial grade technology solutions were engineered specifically for the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Our systems are professionally designed, installed, monitored, and serviced. We integrate your intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control and energy efficiency all with one single device that can easily be operated with your smart phone, tablet, or computer from wherever you are. If you are looking for heightened security with less inconvenience and more control, our system is built for you.



My old system works, why is this better?

Old systems are great at reporting intrusion detection, but that’s pretty much all they do. Today’s smart systems are on, even when they are disarmed. Our sensors work 24/7 and keep a complete history that you can see right from your smart phone. Our sensors are also intelligent. They can alert you if there is suspicious or important activity at your business like if someone opens a back door and leaves it open when it should be closed and locked. At closing, you can even set it to auto arm and lock all doors at closing. Smart Security is proactive helping to prevent issues before they happen.



Control from Anywhere

To use your old antiquated system, you had to go to the location of the control panel and physically push the buttons to access it. In today’s busy world, this is more than inconvenient. With Forest’s Smart system. your smartphone app controls everything from your security alarm to your video cameras and even your door locks, lights and thermostat. Whether you are at home or on the road, this is the convenience and security you need.

Do you have several locations? No worries, our app combines all your locations to make it easy to control them all without having to switch apps or log in and out.



Intelligent Video System

Video Surveillance is security that all business owners must have. But why settle for any video system when you can have an intelligent system. All video cameras capture events and save a recording to a NVR or the cloud, so what makes ours so smart? First off you view your cameras from the same security app so again, no logging in/out or switching apps. Ours also uses intelligence it collects for your security panel. Do you want a video clip if someone is lingering around the outside of your store after hours but not if the neighborhood cat walks by? Or maybe you want a clip of your store manager opening your store each morning but you don’t want a video clip of each customer that walks in. Forest’s Smart system knows the difference.

All cameras are the highest quality for commercial use with full HD resolution and night vision.



Our Access Control Systems are Smart too!

Our Smart Access Control System uses the very same app that controls both video and security. Remotely lock or unlock doors for convenience. Set up keycards and user codes to allow (or remove) access easily. You can even set customized schedules of who has access to certain protected areas and when this access is granted. Keep track of who goes where and when in your building without being there. Set you system to alert you of important or suspicious activity and verify with video clips. Forest’s Smart System keeps you in control of all business activity.



Want to Save on Energy?

Yes, our Smart Thermostat also integrates with your security system. You can not only control remotely but you can also set temperatures that change depending on if your alarm system is armed or disarmed. Set thermostats back during the off hours to save energy costs automatically.


Forest Smart Systems work for you to keep you in control of your business. Forest also makes it easy, smart and affordable. Call us today for your no cost, no obligation security proposal.


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