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You Can Have A Smart Lock No Matter Where You Live

You love the aesthetics of your home, especially that architecturally designed front door!


Or, you live in an apartment or condo building where the exterior lock-set can not be altered.



But you want that new automated system that is controlled from your mobile app and integrated with your Forest Security System…


Forest has the answer:

Kwikset Convert is Z-Wave connected and works with many existing brands of deadbolts including: Kwikset, Wiser, Baldwin and Schlage.

This allows you to keep your existing deadbolt and replace just the interior portion of your lock.

Technology allows Forest Security’s control panel to communicate with the lock so it can be integrated with your alarm system. You will be able to remotely lock/unlock the door as well as presetting parameters such as time of day or alarm condition.

If there is ever a problem with the lock not engaging, a second attempt is automatically made to extend the bolt into the locked position. If the second attempt fails, the motor turns off and a steady tone is omitted to alert you that the door did not lock. If you are away using the remote lock, it will alert you that your lock remained open. Recent testing showed this issue occurred vary rarely, even with an older warped or sagging door.

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Original Testing and report by Ryan Grossman / Security Sales and Integration

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