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Burglars Targeting NW Side Residents

NW Chicago Community Alert – Police are looking for burglars who have been posing as workers doing plumbing or construction work in the area in order to try to gain access into the homes of local residents. The burglars are targeting elderly home owners, distracting them and steeling small items including jewelry and cash.

The recent burglaries occurred:

  • May 11th – 3700 block of North Neva Ave.
  • May 15th – 3400 block of North Neenah Ave.
  • May 17th – 3500 block of North Pontiac Ave.

Please call Area North detectives at 312-744-8263 if you have any information

Original post by Amber Fisher, Patch Staff | May 23, 2019

A great way to stop thieves from targeting your home and family is with a Forest Security System. A Video Doorbell is a great deterrent to stop potential thieves from even  trying to enter your home as they know you are recording them.

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