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Bucktown Ghost Burglar Suspect Released Without Charges

Several witnessed the arrest Wednesday night, but is the “creeper ghost” even real?

By Tim Moran (Patch Staff) – July 29, 2016 4:47 pm ET

CHICAGO, IL – A Nest video taken at a Bucktown home gave thousands of people the creeps this week when it showed a burglar at the top of the staircase leering down at the homeowner and his girlfriend and he snook around quietly upstairs and stole a purse.

Residents of the Near North Side neighborhood were able to breathe a sigh of relief Wednesday night, however, when several witnessed a man who matched the burglars description being taken into custody.

But the Wicker Park Bucktown Insider’s Guide now reports that man, while arrested, was released without charges on Friday.


Police have not confirmed any charges against the suspect, who has been known to the public as the “creeper ghost.”

The reported arrest and corresponding lack of charges now has some wondering if this ghost exists at all.

Maybe the burglar was exactly what his alias claims. A ghost.

Members of the Bucktown Neighborhood Watch group on Facebook said the man shown in the video matches the description of other home burglaries reported in the area recently.

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