Thieves Entering Homes in DuPage County to Nab Car Keys, Steal Vehicles

Thieves Entering Homes in DuPage County to Nab Car Keys, Steal Vehicles:

DuPage County has seen an increase in motor vehicle thefts by thieves who are also stealing unlocked vehicles with keys left inside.

ST CHARLES, IL – The DuPage County Sheriff’s Office is reminding residents to be extra vigilant in locking their vehicles following an increase motor vehicle thefts in DuPage County in the past three months.

The suspects are searching for unlocked vehicles with the keys to the vehicle left inside, according to a DuPage County Sheriff’s Office press release. In some instances, the thieves are going into unlocked vehicles and using the garage door opener to get into the garage and then into the home. Inside the residence, the thieves will search for vehicle keys and then steal the vehicle.

These vehicle thefts are occurring during the overnight hours. In addition to stealing the vehicles, the thieves are stealing purses and wallets and then using the identity and credit cards of the victims while traveling in their stolen vehicle, according to police.

Police said residents should never leave the keys to their vehicle inside and also said not to leave garage door openers inside of vehicles parked outside.  Anyone who observes a criminal act in progress or someone acting suspiciously is asked to call 911 immediately and to not take any action that would place them in danger.

By Morgan Searles (Patch Staff) – August 8, 2016 9:47 am ET