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Safe Keeping Tips for all your home deliveries

If we didn’t do it before this year, we are certainly doing it now…

Online shopping. We have all become experts at it in 2020.  With more online shopping, there are more package deliveries. For thieves, this is a dream come true. Forest has the answer to keep your package deliveries out of the wrong hands!


Upgrades for Safe Keeping…

If your customizable Forest Security System does not include a video doorbell camera, smart lock, remote garage door and video cameras, it’s time to think about upgrading. These options allow you to see your delivers in real time and secure them from wherever you are.


Know immediately when your delivery arrives

First off, you will know immediately when your package arrives and the delivery driver rings your video doorbell. You will receive an alert on your smartphone and see a live view of the delivery driver and be able to speak with him through your app.



You have Choices to keep everything secure

If you are home, you can ask the driver to leave the package at the front door for you so you can go out to get it when they leave.  If you are away, or you can ask them to place it inside your front door by using your remote to unlock the front door and disarm your security system. Your indoor camera records their activity so you know all is secure. Once the package is inside, you can lock the door and re-arm your system.



Keep your home and deliveries safe and in the right hands

If you prefer not to allow them into your home, have them put it in the garage by remotely opening the garage door instead of the front door. Once the package is safe inside, close the door and again, re-arm your security system.


Want to see how this works? Check out this video:


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