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Forest can help keep your home cool and save on energy too

Forest Will Fix Your Summer “Hot Room” Problem


Your thermostat does a fantastic job of keeping a constant, comfortable temperature in the room where it is mounted (front hallway). Everywhere else in your house is a different story!

The kitchen is sweltering and the bedroom is too hot to sleep. Your thermostat thinks everything is at a perfect temperature.

The problem is all thermostats only control the temperature of the room they are in. During hot summer months, your home develops hot rooms on the sunny side of the house or on the second floor. You can keep adjusting the thermostat to try to find a comfortable solution, but we have got a much better way.


Introducing the Forest Smart Temperature Sensor


Temperature Sensors are installed in the rooms that are too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter. The temperature of these rooms are then are fed back to the thermostat giving it multi-room awareness.


You can then choose the target temperature from the thermostats main reference point from the thermostat mounted in the front hall, to any room in your house. The upstairs bedroom too hot to sleep? Have the temperature sensor control the bedroom’s temperature for a more comfortable sleeping environment.


Create a precision comfort schedule


You can set the thermostat to specifically keep the kitchen cool during dinner time and the bedroom cool during sleeping hours.

Install temperature sensors in the rooms where comfort matters the most.  Then you can create a smart cooling schedule customized to your daily activities.

Here is an example of how this user assigned a different sensor to each thermostat mode in their app. To save on energy during the day, (Away) mode is set and the target temperature is taken from the main thermostat. During the evenings (Home) mode is set using the living room sensor. For night time, the (Sleep) mode is set and the bedroom sensor takes over.

After the initial set up, you can use the slider in your app as normal to control when each mode takes effect.


You can be very specific with the schedules. Say you work at home on Fridays. Assign your office a specific temperature on Friday but ignore the office the rest of the week. Not only will you be more comfortable, it will help to save energy and money.


Use multi-room averages so everyone is comfortable


Does your family scatter throughout the house? You can use an “average” of all temperature sensors to create a balanced comfort throughout the house.

Select the rooms that are used the most and set your thermostat to target an average temperature between them.

Using Smart Schedules will keep you comfortable and also help to save on energy costs too.


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