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North Side Burglar Alert: Are thieves watching your home?

Chicago police alert there have been a string of burglaries that occur just after the victim leaves their home. Whether it is to go to work, take the dog for a walk or go out for a jog, they seem to know when you leave.

There were 11 homes robbed starting on 7/24/18 in the Lake View, Lincoln Park and North Center Area.

Many of these homes were entered through an unlocked window or door while the homeowner was at work, but a few were even broken into while the homeowner was there in another room!

This is the behavior that indicated to police that homes maybe were being watched as the burglar(s) seemed to know the routine of the victim.

There were eleven burglaries in the area (see map below):

7/ 24/18 – Between 7am and 6:45pm-1500 block of West Berteau

7/24/18 – Between 6pm and 8pm – 800 block of West Belmont

7/24/18 or 7/25/18 – 2900 block of North Clark

7/27/18 – Approximately 9:30am – 2400 block of North Clybourn

8/1/18 – Between 10:15am and 5pm – 1100 block of West Oakdale


8/3/18 – Approximately 12:45pm – 1800 block of West Wellington

8/4/18 – Between 1:45am and 9am – 600 block of West Melrose

8/8/18 – Between 6:45pm and 10:30pm – 3500 block of North Hamilton,

8/12/18 – Approximately 1pm – 3000 block of North Janssen

8/13/18 – Between 3pm and 3:15pm – 1700 block of West Altgeld

8/17/18 – Approximately 1:30pm – 1000 block of West Dakin


According to police, the offender is “an unknown male with black hair.”

Anyone with any additional information about the burglaries may contact Area North detectives at 312-744-8263

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    (Originally reported in CWB Chicago)


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