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You need a smart garage


You Need A Smart Garage

Forest Security helps to protect your family, your home, your property including your garage.

Now only safeguarding your car, your tools, your outdoor equipment, your garage, if it is attached to your home, is an important entry point into your home that needs to be secured.


Smart Access Control

Many of us use our garage as the primary entrance into our house. Carrying in bags of groceries or getting the kids and their belongings together can easily lead to accidentally leaving the garage door open. Forest’s Smart Garage will eliminate that problem. With our Notification services, you can receive an alert if you leave the garage door open for a certain amount of time. With the touch of a button, your door is now closed and your home secure.

If you drive away from home leaving the garage door open, Our Smart Geo Services feature will send you a pop up alert that includes a button so you can just tap it and your garage is now closed. It even works will your smart watch.


Will It Work with my Garage?

Most garage doors made after 1998 can be integrated with a Forest Security System using Lift Master, Chamberlain and Craftsman. Call Forest at 708-452-2000 to ensure compatibility  with your garage door opener.

Monitored Security

You store thousands of dollars in your garage, from lawn mowers to snow blowers, that equipment adds up and that’s why garages are broken into. Don’t overlook securing your garage with your Forest Security System. Whether it is attached or detached, your property needs protecting.

You will always know when you garage is being accessed. Add a video camera an you will be able to see who is entering or leaving.  When you alarm is on, we will monitor and dispatch authorities if a break-in ever occurs.

Fire Prevention

Power tools, propane, gasoline all stored in one location. You garage is the second-most fire-prone place in your home, right after the kitchen. A connected smoke detector will immediately alert you and the professionals in the event of a fire. Our smart system will even shut down the HVAC  system to keep smoke from spreading, turn on smart lighting and notify you on your smartphone. All this in the matter of an instant.


Securing all the entry points

The door that leads to the garage is used many times a day. It is easy to leave open, but that leaves you home unsecured. A Smart-lock with Keypad is the perfect solution. A simple 4 digit code allows easy key-less access and you will know this area is always secure.

Yes, You Need A Smarter Garage

Professionally installed, configured and monitored, a Forest Smart Home Security system is the smartest upgrade you can make to your garage and home this year. Don’t wait any longer, Call Forest Today 708-452-2000 or contact us below:

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