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Use Scenes for a Smart Home way to get things done


We all have things we have to get done every day. Some small, some large, some things more important than others, but it all needs to get done.

For example, the kids are tucked in bed and you want to enjoy a movie. First you have to check that the front and back doors are locked. You want to hall light turned off and you also want the thermostat turned down. The alarm should also be turned on for the night. If only you had an easy way to do all of this at once.

Well, now you do. Your Forest Security System App includes Scenes. Scenes make multitasking simple. Your app includes four scenes you can customize to accomplish several things at once. You can even add more Scenes buttons.

For example,when you leave your home, tap the “Away” Scene. Your Forest Security System will arm itself and if you have connected devices, you can have it lock your front door, close your garage door, set your thermostat to save energy.

Got your hands full? Just say the word.

You don’t need your app to run a Scene. You can just use your voice. Alexa, Google Home, and Siri give you voice control options offering convenience and control.  Ready to start your day? Just ask Alexa to tell to wake up. When you get home, a quick Siri voice command to your CarPlay-enabled dashboard is all it takes to unlock the front door as part of your Home scene. Your house; your rules; your Scenes. Every home and family is different, which is why we made it easy to customize, alter and create your own Scenes.

And what do our customers think?

“I appreciate all you guys are doing. Thank you for making my home automated with an easy to use system”

“THE BEST HANDS DOWN!!!! My home is secure with the touch of a button!”

“I am so impressed with this technology”

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