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What makes some homes more attractive to burglars than others?

Original Report By: Ryan Unger (Moneyversed.com)

Just thinking about someone breaking into your home and going through your belongings is horrifying. The feeling of being violated is hard to shake, even more so if something irreplaceable is stolen.

Unfortunately, many people fall victim to home invasion and theft every day leaving them to wonder why it happened to them. According to burglars, there are several reasons some homes are easier targets than others. See if your home is an easy target…


1) Empty Homes

Empty Homes! – Many people have that horrible picture in their thoughts of an intruder sneaking in the middle of the night while everyone is asleep and making away with expensive items. This however is not typically when robbers break in.


Trying to break in then sneak around a strange house without making a sound is nearly impossible. It’s much easier to explore an empty house during daylight hours when everyone is away at work or school.  Having an empty home for long periods of time is exactly what burglars are looking for.


2) Unlocked Doors or Windows

Unlocked Doors or windows!  – This seems quite obvious but, apparently it’s not. Surprisingly, many people don’t lock every door before they leave their home. The people who do lock up before they leave sometimes forget about another important entryway.


When looking for a way to break into your home, burglars also looking at windows as a point of entry. Many people lock doors but overlook making sure their windows are secure and locked.


3) Stacks of accumulating mail

Stacks of accumulating mail – Most of us collect our mail from our mailboxes every day so accumulation of mail is like a welcome sign to burglars. No one is home and the possessions inside are unguarded.  Stopping your mail or having your neighbor collect it while you are away is an easy solution.


4) Having a low fenced backyard

Having a low fenced backyard –  Breaking in through the front door of a house in the daytime is a risk most burglars aren’t willing to take which makes the back doors most enticing. Properties with low fences are the easiest targets.


picture from Moneyversed.com

Of course, not everyone has the money to renovate their backyard and give it high protective walls, but sometimes even just planting bushes that loom over is enough to deter a potential invader. They want the most problem-free home possible.


5) Having a window air conditioning unit

Having a window air conditioning unit –  It is a great place to break in. These window units are extremely useful, but they also make an easy entrance for burglars. One swift kick is all it takes to knock it out of the window and hop inside the home. So, what can you do about it?


Having central air or a ductless air conditioning system installed ensures you can lock all your windows while keeping your home cool, but it is a rather expensive option. There are permanent window boxes for air conditioners that can be much more secure than a standard installation or even have the window air installed through the wall instead where it cannot be removed.


6) You may personally know a thief

You may personally know a thief (without actually knowing they’re one) –  One surprising fact is many burglars personally know their victim. Keep a close watch on any unusual acquaintances  you think might have something against you.


7) Your home’s location is convenient for a burglar

Your home’s location is convenient for a burglar –  It seems logical that apartment complex would be the ideal location for a robbery. There are so many options to choose from!  Actually it’s quite the opposite.


Picture from Moneyversed.com

If your home is located in a remote location, burglars know there is less a chance of anyone seeing them . Homes near wooded areas or highways make for a quick-and-easy getaway.


8) Garage doors left open

Garage doors left open – Accidentally leaving a garage door open is quite easy and it’s a big invitation to come on in and rob my house! The easiest fix is adding remote garage doors to your Forest Security system so you will get a reminder if the garage door is left open. If you have not yet had this option installed, at least set a reminder for yourself to check the garage door in case you have forgotten to close it.


9) You don’t have a dog

You don’t have a dog – Not everyone loves owning a pet, but if you do the sound a barking dog will be enough ward off most intruders who don’t want to be noticed.


10) No alarm system!

No alarm system! This is Most Important!! Homes with no security system are much more attractive to burglars and are much more likely to be broken into than homes that are protected.

Forest Security systems start at only $39.95 per month for complete home protection. Why wait and take chances? Protect your home today!

No one ever wants to experience the helpless feeling of a home invasion. Ensuring your home doesn’t appeal to burglars isn’t always easy, but these next tips will certainly help!

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    Original Report By: Ryan Unger (Moneyversed.com)


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