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Custom Install – Video Doorbell

When you need a custom install, Forest is your best choice!

We received an inquiry about installing a new video doorbell for a new client. Simple, straightforward request, we thought, Forest installs these all the time.

When we arrived at the customers site, we seen that the place where the new video doorbell needed to be, was to replace a previously installed intercom system that no longer functioned for their needs. The area of their brick that was cut out to house the intercom system was much larger than the small size of the new doorbell.

We would not install something new for a customer that was not aesthetically appealing, this is their front entrance, a place you see everyday when you come home, the place where you welcome your family and friends…

After offering the customer different customized solutions, this was the end result. They now have a new security video doorbell and an attractive solution for replacing an old, nonworking intercom.



We will have your customized security solution too. At Forest, we take the time to listen to you. You are the customer and our job is not complete until you are completely satisfied!



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