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Why do Small Business Owners rely on Forest Security?


You own a small business and protect it with a burglar alarm. The alarm sounds in the case of an emergency, so it’s reliable… but is that all you need?
Small businesses today need Smart Security Systems like the one Forest delivers. It works not only in emergencies, but 24/7 to keep you connected and make your job easier. It protects your property and your people! How can it do all this? Here are some of the ways.

Keeping You Connected

Our smartphone app keeps you in touch with your business no matter where you are allowing you to control security settings and solve problems that arise. Did you employee forget their code? You can remotely unlock the door and turn off the security system. You can view everything right from your app.

Keeping you Protected

Your business closes at 6PM and it’s now 6:15. You receive a reminder that your alarm is not armed…Did your employee forget to lock up or are they still working with a customer? You can check the video feed to see and remotely lock up and set the alarm if they did not. You can even set up auto arming to have the system set itself at the same time each day.

Keeping you informed

Reminders are not only for arming the system, they can keep you aware of various activity that happens in your business every day. Custom filters allow you to be notified only of the activities you want. Was an off-limits area accessed? Was a display cabinet left open? Did you store open late? Is the temperature too hot or cold? All this and more can be added to your custom notifications.


See For yourself

Keeping you informed is one thing but seeing is another. Be notified with video clips of important events so you can see for yourself what is happening. Be everywhere from anywhere to keep your business running smoothly.

Secure your building with Access Control

Smart access control makes it easier for your employees to work giving them access to locked areas without keys. You have full control and manage employee access form a single tab on your remote dashboard. Set up, customize, grant or revoke access easily and quickly. Have the ability to see who went where and when. You can control who has access to specific areas and even auto lock doors at closing time.


Save Energy when your closed

Forget to turn down the air conditioning at closing last night? You’ll find out when you open a chilly store in the morning. Our Smart thermostat will automatically adjust during closing hours to save energy and money. You always have the option of remotely adjusting the temperature from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Save Energy when your open

Employees keep changing the thermostat up and down all day long? Forest’s Smart Thermostat can help with a pre-set range allowing only a few degrees change or you can choose a complete lockout.


Depend on Forest

What ever business you are in, you can depend on Forest Security to keep you informed and your business protected. Call us today at 708-452-2000 or contact us below to find out how easy and affordable smart security from Forest Security really is.

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